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Fashion Design

Our Fashion Design program is structured to give students full knowledge and hands on experience of the industry, from fashion history to the very latest in textile technology.

Students learn about patternmaking/ drafting, garment construction and sewing, computer-aided design by a high profile fashion designer using traditional practices as well as the use of the latest software and technology.


Learn the skills needed to start your own custom dressmaking, alterations business or start your own brand. Acquire the latest techniques, software and sewing and design from the comfort of your own home or home-based studio. This program will take the student from the basics, threading a sewing machine to ultimately creating your own collection. You will work with a designer and learn first-hand how to create illustrations and patterns to construct each piece.  Once you’ve designed your collection, you will learn the inner workings of the fashion industry, how to promote your brand, how to gain exposure, how to showcase your collection on a runway and ultimately achieve success in the industry.



Fashion Models

Fashion Styling

This program has been designed to prepare you for an exciting career as a Fashion Stylist for editorial photo shoots, television and film, personal styling and for social media by providing you with the necessary knowledge, skills and techniques of our industry standards.

You will complete the following courses over 8 hours of training:

•Fashion History

•Styling Basics

•Figure Analysis & Body Types

•Role of Accessories in Styling

•Creating a Moodboard

•How to Make Your Own Styling Kit

•Set & Prop Design​

•Styling for Film and Television

•Influencer Marketing & Blogging 

This workshop will teach you how to combine colors and patterns, understand the influence of different eras in fashion, create themes for fashion shoots, and learn how to bring your vision to life.  You will learn tools and tricks of the trade to connect ith retailers and designers to source clothing and accessories for photoshoots.  This course will show you how to build your professional portfolio of your work to showcase to potential clients. 




Image Consulting

​The image Industry has expanded worldwide with people looking to consultants to help with their “personal image” in order to make a good impression, and look professional.

As an image consultant, you can give people advice that will help them achieve what they want – whether it is to get a new job, to make a good impression, or simply to feel good about themselves.

With this 8 hour training course, you will learn to help clients with the whole interview process from appearance to transitioning from daywear to night. You will also learn how to coach clients with helping build their image through wardrobe  consultation,basic essentials to add to any wardrobe, personal styling, and showing clients how to gain confidence with their new image. 


This course will offer you the tools and show the importance of personal appearance, behavior, customer service and communication.  This program also focuses on etiquette, professional conduct, manners and civility, presentation and communication to all levels of a company.




Fashion Photography

This program is designed to prepare you for an amazing career as a Fashion Photographer for editorial photoshoots, red carpet events, TIFF and social media by providing you with the necessary knowledge, skills and techniques of our industry standards.


Over the course of your 8 hours of training you will learn:


•Introduction to Fashion Photography

•Know the Tools & Camera Basics

•Lighting & Mood

•Demo Test Photos

•Beauty vs High Fashion Shoots

•Event & Runway Photography

•Profile and Editing

•Set & Prop Design


$ 499 

Fashion Rail

The Business of Fashion

This entrepreneur program provides you with the foundation of creating your own successful business including branding, pricing, marketing, public relations, manufacturing and distribution.


The following courses are included with over 8 hours of training:


•Personal Branding

•Fashion Marketing

•Public Relations & Communications

•Steps to Running a Successful Business

•Building Your Portfolio

•Merchandising & Wardrobe Edit

•Sustainability & Eco-Friendly Fashion

•Fashion Events



Department Store Display

Trend Forecasting

Our Trend forecasting program involves predicting the future of a market. Trend forecasters work in every industry, using data from past sales to anticipate future opportunities.


Fashion forecasting is critical within the fashion industry with predicting upcoming fashion trends—during this 8 hour training program, you will learn about colors, styling techniques, different fabric textures, and more—all the key elements that spark consumer demand. You will also learn to produce trend reports that product developers use to create new clothes and accessories for brands.



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