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Looking to Start a Career in the Fashion Industry?

A career in the fashion industry can be very fulfilling and exciting!  The Fashion Institute provides educational workshops with the core fundamentals of the Fashion industry in mind – Fashion History & Design, Business of Fashion, Fashion Styling, Merchandising, Sustainability, Marketing & Public Relations, Photography, Trend Forecasting and Social Media/Influencer Marketing.




Specifically created and designed by high profile experts in the fashion industry to ensure our curriculum meets the current needs of the fashion industry in mind. 


We believe in providing first hand knowledge and experience in each fundamental area of the fashion industry while our students are trained by our skilled industry professionals.





Simple - if you have a passion for the fashion industry or have always wanted to learn more about fashion; whether you are interested in a career change or want to learn a new skill, The Fashion Institute provides the foundation for you to explore the fashion industry and the many opportunities available within it through our virtual classroom settings from the comfort of your own space.  

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